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Success Stories

Angie S. - Medical Hair Loss Client from Orlando, Florida

Winter Park Hair Clinic - Medical Hair Loss SolutionsThe hair loss specialists at Winter Park Hair Clinic were real life savers while I went through Chemotherapy. While the treatments wore me down physically, I was able to maintain my self esteem through the medical hair loss through their expertise.

I believe that the hair loss solutions provided by Winter Park Hair Clinic actually made me heal faster, simply because I could look at myself in a mirror and go out in public without being self-conscious.

And although now I am cancer free, I still use the hair styling, hair loss prevention and hair extension services from Winter Park Hair Clinic. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Angie S.
Medical Hair Loss Client
Orlando, Florida

Jim K. - Male Pattern Baldness Client from Windemere, Florida

Winter Park Hair Clinic - Male Pattern Baldness SolutionsI started balding in my late twenties and was always so self conscious of my looks. The Hair Loss Specialists at Winter Park Hair Clinic have made me a new man with their hair loss solutions.

What I like best is the new technologies in hair replacement systems allow me to be physically active in outdoor sports. I can actually shower and swim with my hair replacement piece and style it daily like it was my own.

And since the Hair Loss Specialists matched it with my unique hair characteristics no one never needs to know. Thanks to Winter Park Hair Clininc for helping me reach my "Crowning Moment"!

- Jim K.
Male Pattern Baldness Client
Windemere, Florida

Lynette M. - African American Women Hair Loss Client from Daytona, Florida

Winter Park Hair Clinic - Hair Loss Solutions for African American WomenWinter Park Hair Clinic offers the very best in hair solutions unique to the African American women. I have a number of hair pieces from Winter Park Hair Clinic, each offering a unique look for my modeling career.

The hair loss specialists and stylists are innovative and professional. And the hair extensions last forever!

Winter Park Hair Clinic is a must for my career.

- Lynette M.
African American Hair Loss Client
Daytona, Florida